TranscribeMe 101

Hello, and thank you for your interest in TranscribeMe! This article will outline the basics of joining and working on our platform, to give you an idea of what to expect and if TM is a good fit for you.

Joining TranscribeMe!

The first step to joining our platform is to pass the English Entrance Exam located on your Exams tab. There is absolutely no cost involved, and no equipment required beyond a computer running the latest version of Chrome and a stable internet connection (although a pair of headphones is highly recommended). We do not have a training program per se, but we do provide our Style Guide for you to study on your own.

TM's Community

Upon passing the entrance exam, you will receive a welcome email with further instructions and gain access to Yammer, our social network, where you can ask questions and connect with our friendly staff and helpful transcribers from around the world.


When you log in to the WorkHub, you may request a short audio to transcribe by clicking on the Jobs tab. Files will not be sent to you via email; you will simply transcribe the audio into the text box on the website and submit it to receive credit to your account.

Getting Paid

Payments are sent out once a week via PayPal for available balances of at least $20.00 When your account reaches $20.00, then you can request payment via PayPal for the next Thursday.

Advancement Opportunities

We offer many opportunities to join special teams that pay at higher rates, so there is always a possibility to advance with TranscribeMe! For full details regarding TM's special transcription teams, please check out our TranscribeMe Opportunities article.

If you are ready to begin, check out this video to guide you through the registration and exam process.