TranscribeMe Special Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in TranscribeMe's Special Teams and advancement opportunities! We hope this article will answer any questions you have about potential career paths at TM.

Transcription Teams

General Transcription - $15/AH

Prerequisite: English Entrance Exam

New transcribers begin by transcribing short chunks of audio files. You access work by going to the Transcription page, which provides you with the next available chunk of audio to transcribe, as long as work is available. Files can range from 2-8 minutes, but most files are in the 2-4 minute range. You are encouraged at this stage to take advancement exams to open up further work opportunities.

TME Authorized (US Only) - $25/AH

Prerequisites: 1) US citizen or permanent resident with ID, 2)

English Entrance Exam > TME Computer Security Module > TMESS Authorized Exam, 3) background check

We have some large ongoing projects with very specific requirements set by the clients, and we're looking to build our team - TME Authorized! To qualify for this team, an applicant MUST:

  1. Be a US citizen or permanent resident with an SSN or green card
  2. Be physically located in the US
  3. Upload a valid government-issued photo ID, and
  4. Be willing to undergo a background check (it's free to you - TM pays the fees.)

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, head on over to the TMESS Authorized Exam

and give it a go!

TMESS Authorized Exam (US Only)

The TMESS Authorized Exam requirements are:

  1. Active TM Transcriber who has passed the English Entrance Exam
  2. 0 jobs required (Hooray!)
  3. Pass the TME Computer Security Module (don't worry, it's easy)

To join this team, please take the TMESS Authorized Exam - for active US TM transcribers

IMPORTANT: After passing

the TMESS Authorized Exam, we will email you the information needed in order to go through the background check process. Please be sure to monitor your email and check all folders, including Spam, to ensure you receive our communications. The background check fee will be paid by TranscribeMe, so there will be no cost on your part. We hope to see you on the team soon!

Accent Teams (Aussie, Kiwi, British, Scottish, Irish)

Prerequisites: English Entrance Exam, Commonwealth Spelling Exam, Accent Exams

Once you've become a transcriber, you may take our Accent Exams to open up further work opportunities using Commonwealth spelling. Whether you're a transcriber or QA, these files will appear alongside normal US English files whenever they are available. Please check the right-hand sidebar for every file after passing an accent exam so that you will know which spelling to use for the transcript you're working on.

First Draft Champions - $22/AH

Prerequisites: English Entrance Exam, First Draft Exam, manual evaluation of recent work

The First Draft Champions transcribe short chunks of audio (usually 4 minutes in length) on the Transcription tab like General Transcribers, but once every chunk in the file is complete, the transcript goes straight to the client - no more QA checking your work! As a member of the First Draft Champions, you are eligible for the FDC Weekly Sweepstakes, along with any other possible bonuses. You don't want to miss these!

Medical Team

Prerequisite: 150+ jobs, Medical Transcription Exam, manual evaluation of recent work

Our medical transcription team requires no certification or prior medical experience. If you are interested in doing medical transcription and you are willing to put in the time and effort to research medical terms, then we encourage you to take the Medical exam when it becomes available. Our team is fairly small and limited in size, so the exam is only available when new team members are needed. When it opens, you will need to have completed at least 150 jobs at transcription for the exam to be available to you.

QA Teams

2Step QAs - $23/AH, RUSH $35/AH

Prerequisites: English Entrance Exam, First Draft Exam, 30 unrejected jobs (from Clean Verbatim files), English 2Step QA Exam

Note that you cannot be a QuickStep QA and a 2Step QA at the same time. 2Step QAs work on files that have already been transcribed and are responsible for editing files to reach 99% accuracy, correcting errors in transcription and adding speaker IDs and timestamps to form a coherent session which goes straight to the client.

Once you've completed at least 30 jobs as a transcriber (not counting any rejections) and you have passed the First Draft Exam, you will need to upload a copy of your photo ID to your My Account tab on the WorkHub. Once you've passed the 2Step QA Exam, your rate will be set at $15/AH. After successfully completing your probation period, your QA rate will be adjusted to $23/AH and RUSH files will pay at $35/AH.

2Step QAs are also eligible for our weekly QA Sweepstakes and for other promotions and bonus opportunities for our QA teams!

FD Stampers - $7/AH

Prerequisites: English Entrance Exam, English FD Stamper Exam

NOTE: The Stamper team is not currently accepting new applicants. We will announce on Yammer once the exam reopens.

Stampers are responsible for adding timestamps and speaker IDs to First Draft Plus files, which includes many different clients, so the subject matter and number of speakers will vary greatly. Generally, Stamper files pay $7/AH; however, some files pay up to $10/AH. Stampers are eligible for our weekly QA Sweepstakes and for other promotions and bonus opportunities for our QA teams!

QuickStep QAs - $40/AH

Prerequisites: English Entrance Exam, QuickStep Exam, 200 Transcription jobs, manual evaluation of recent work

If you have good punctuation and spelling skills and can commit time to complete longer files, then we encourage you to take the QuickStep Exam! You must have completed at least 200 Transcription jobs and uploaded a copy of your photo ID to your My Account tab on the WorkHub.

The QuickStep team transcribes full audio files, rather than smaller chunks, as well as adding speaker IDs and timestamps. Once a file is complete, it is sent directly to the client (once you've completed a probation period), providing them with fast, accurate transcripts. Upon being accepted to the QuickStep team, your rate for QuickStep files will be set at $35/AH. After successfully completing your probation, your QA rate will be adjusted to $40/AH. QuickStep QAs are eligible for our weekly QA Sweepstakes and for other promotions and bonus opportunities for our QA teams!

QA Advancement Teams

Full Verbatim QAs - $50/AH

Prerequisites: English Entrance Exam, member of 2Step or QuickStep team, Full Verbatim Exam

Do, do you li-like single-step se-sessions and, and, and increasing your p-p-p-pay? 'Cause if so, then you're gonna wanna take the Full Verbatim QA exam. The difference in full verbatim is that we must type all utterances by the speaker(s), including filler words, feedback words, false starts, stutters, and stammers. The rest of TranscribeMe's guidelines (e.g. number formatting, tags, punctuation) still apply.

Reviewers - $27/AH, $13.50/AH Snippets

Invitation Only

QAs with extremely high accuracy and who are exceptionally helpful to others are sometimes invited to become Reviewers. Reviewers check the work of new QAs and provide detailed personal feedback to help them improve. As a transcriber, the Reviewer's work is completely invisible to you, but once you become a QA, you'll have a better idea of what they do. This opportunity is invitation-only and fairly rare. There is no application process.

Special Projects

We're always offering new projects and avenues for advancement, so stay tuned for other possibilities!