TM Payment System Overview

Read this article for a detailed understanding of how workers are paid at Transcribe Me!

Complete the work. As you submit files, you will earn cash into your Pending balance. The money will show up in your balance at the top of the screen (sometimes after a short delay), and it will also show up under Pending in your work history. The amount next to that file in your work history will be displayed in red. Note that due to the short length of the files you are working on, your earnings will show four digits after the decimal point, as in $3.1256. This is fine, and you can feel free to ignore those last two digits. They will simply stay in your account and add up until they reach a full penny.

A QA or Reviewer edits your file. Once a QA submits the full file that your chunk was a part of (and assuming they do not reject your job - be sure you have read the style guide!), the money you earned for that file will move from Pending to Available. The amount in your work history will turn from red to orange, and you will be able to use the View button to see what, if any, changes the QA made. (It is strongly encouraged that you check those out to learn from your mistakes. The Show % button in the table header is useful for quickly identifying which files have changes to view.)

Request a payment. You can request a payment as soon as your available balance reaches at least $20.0000, and you can request as many payments per week as you can earn. To request a payment, click on the earned dollar amount at the top of the WorkHub to reach your work history, then click on the button marked Withdraw Funds. These payments will all be made to your account on the next scheduled payday. Most people save up and try to request one large payment as close to 9:00 AM PT on Thursday as possible, because...

Payments are processed. All requested payments are processed at 9:00 AM PT each Thursday. Any payouts you have requested by then will be sent to your PayPal. You will usually receive the funds within a few hours of the processing time (midnight PT at the latest), and then you can log in to PayPal to transfer the money to your bank. Any money in your available balance that you did NOT request a payout for will remain in your account and simply roll over to the next week.

Since PayPal does not deal in fractions of a cent, you will notice that only the whole pennies will be paid out. For example, if your available balance is $23.1256, then the payout you request will be for $23.12. The remaining $0.0056 will be placed into the carry-over category on your work history page and will be automatically counted in your earnings toward the next paycheck.

What about PayPal's transfer fee?

When you request a payment, the WorkHub will automatically show you the fee (2.9% + $0.30) that you may expect PayPal to charge. Whether you are actually charged this fee depends on PayPal and seems to vary from user to user. Most users report that they are never charged this fee, and TranscribeMe has no control over this, but simply tries to help you plan for it.