Required Equipment

Wondering if you need special equipment to join our platform? This article will hopefully answer any questions you have.

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What equipment do I need to begin?

No special equipment or program is required to join. All you need is a computer or laptop with the Chrome browser and a stable internet connection!

How do I transcribe on TM's platform?

All work at TranscribeMe is completed online on our WorkHub. Our platform has a built-in audio player as well as hotkeys to control the audio speed, so you don't need any special transcription programs to work with us.

Does TM recommend any particular equipment?

We strongly recommend using headphones or earbuds. Computer or laptop speakers, although they can work in a pinch, do not produce audio that is suitable for transcription. We cannot provide specific recommendations for any particular brands or equipment to purchase, however.

Will my foot pedal work with TM's platform?

Our WorkHub is compatible with most models of foot pedals. To use your pedal on our hub, simply download our free Chrome extension and enable it. Click here to download the extension.

Can I transcribe from my phone?

Our WorkHub platform is not compatible with phones or mobile devices, so we do not allow users to transcribe from their phone. You must have access to a computer or laptop to attempt the exams and complete live files.

Can I transcribe using an iPad or tablet?

Probably not. We highly recommend a computer or laptop. You will not be able to take the exams from a tablet.

Can I use a screen reader with TM's platform?

We have several members who utilize screen readers on our platform. The most popular program seems to be NVDA on Windows, with JAWS being another option. Users also report that Braille displays work well on our Hub. We can't provide specific recommendations other than this information.