Does TM provide a training program?

TranscribeMe does not offer a training program per se, in that we do not require users to have undergone training in order to join, but we do offer resources for transcribers to learn and improve from. As such, our training mechanism consists of four main components: the Style Guide, exams, QA/Reviewer edits, and our community forum.

Style Guide: We provide our Style Guide for users to study at their own pace. All the information you need to pass the entrance exam can be found in the Style Guide and the documents linked to the Check Exam Info page.
Exams: Our entrance exam acts as a training mechanism for users to self-evaluate their work. Once accepted to our platform, transcribers gain access to more exams to open up further work opportunities, usually at higher pay rates. However, as mentioned, the exams are a self-training tool as we cannot provide the correct answers to compare against nor can we give specific feedback on the exams.
QA/Reviewer Edits: On the WorkHub, you will begin transcribing short audio files (usually 2-5 minutes in length) which will go through a QA (Quality Assurance agent) who will edit the file to our style and ensure the text is accurate to the audio. You will be able to view and study these changes in your work history to apply them to future jobs, thereby learning and training on the job.
Community Forum: New Transcribers will be added to our community forum where they can get helpful tips and advice from our friendly and experienced team of transcribers, QAs, and admin from around the globe. Members also have access to additional learning resources such as supplementary documents and (new!) training videos - free of charge!